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Poems over the years [Nov. 25th, 2008|10:29 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629
If I had a hobby that I enjoyed doing yet never really polished over the years, perhaps its writing poems. Sometimes I write alone and other times with a friend. For me, writing poems is just fun. Here are the poems I have written and collected from others over the years. If you like them, share them with your loved ones and I hope you may get a tender and loving moment from it. If not, well, at least I brought some sappiness into your life. You needed more. ^_~

Angel to me
The moment I opened my heart and let you in
I saw this great love starting to begin.
I opened my eyes to a vision of you
I hope, I pray your feelings are true.
I have loved and I have paid the cost
And I have felt the pain of the love I lost.
But, now, I think I have truly found
An Angel who walks upon the ground.
You go beyond all limits for me
Just to show your love endlessly.
I could search my whole life through
And never find another 'you'.
You are so special that I wanted you to know
I truly, completely love you so...

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words."
So I believe that our memory in life is one giant picture.
sometimes its blurry
and we can't seem to remember the important things.
A lot of times, it's very scrappy
sort of like an overused Etch-a-sketch
where memories may seem to overlap one another.
But when we look in the photo albums of our mind,
we can see the pictures that we treasure.
Pictures of tremendous happiness,
and of simple joy.
Sadly, sometimes we can barely make out a picture,
can barely remember a memory,
but we know
that it happened- the photograph was taken.
Isn't it fun to dig through the old and come across
a forgotten memory?
To re-live the moment with the closing of our eyes.
To cherish the good split second flash
or yearn to photoshop the shattering moments.
Each moment uncaptured feels like wasting rolls of film
yet what are we to do-
we can't print yet-
we're still taking pictures.

Life's Treasure

To me you are life's treasure
A gift of love to be
A joy within my heart you are
Blew away my misery...
We walk on softest clouds above
Our feet not near the ground
This special love I feel for you
My heart is heaven bound...
So glide with me into my soul
And share this perfect bliss
Two hearts in one great miracle
In love two hearts that kiss...
We'll travel on together
Our love will share one light
Together we will always share
Our love that glows so bright...

You're smile
Is tender and mild
And I hope
That one day
I can reveal
Myself to you
In a passionate way
That has a clear view

This would be the day
That I would
Forever cherish
And say
"Nothing compares to you
when we're together or apart
Because you'll
Always be inside my heart"

From the first time I saw you
I knew it was true
I was in love
In love with you
You were wearing a red dress
And In my mind
You, I caressed
You walked up to me
And then I choked
I wanted to flee
But then you spoke!
Loving you it feels like heaven
I wanna be with you twenty-four/seven

Our love will last forever
Stop loving you, no, never
You're the one I wanna be with

I look to the sky
I look to the sky,
What should I see?
When I think of the way that things could be
You, standing there with your arms around me
Dancing in the night, surrounded by the stars
If this dream is so close then why is it so far?…

I look to the sky,
And as I go to sleep,
I ask myself,
How can I make you see?
How can I make you love me?
I think about the things I need to tell you,
But those words I cannot say,
If we're ending it this way…

I asked myself,
Why do I still do this?
Maybe because our love was from the heart…
Why do I go to sleep crying?
Is it cuz of knowing we've been apart?
Why do I act this way?
Maybe cuz no one else can mend my broken heart…

I see the white clouds darken everyday...
I see the blue skies turn gray
I see the sky start to cry
Why am I living a repeating lie?
Should I still look to the sky?
Tell me, before I say good-bye…

Love in disguise

Everytime I see you
My knees get weak
Everytime you talk to me
I jus can't speak

You're smile is very nice
Everytime I see it, I get hypnotized
I'm your secret lover
Your love in disguise

You don't know I love you
And I'm too scared to show
But everytime I see you
My love for you grows

the thought of you

the thought of you
lies within everything..
your gentle touch,
and all you do..

the thought of your lips
pressed against mine,
as we lay together
without a single sound..

the thought of your eyes
looking deep into mine,
as I sit next to you
in the middle of the night..

the thought of everything you do
runs through my mind,
as I sit here alone
all I can think of
is the thought of you... =\

Will You?

Will you be there when I've fallen,
Will you be there when I rise,
Will you see how much I love you,
When I look into your eyes?

Will you share all you have,
Will you take all I give,
Will you dare to dream new dreams,
And be brave enough to live?

Will you love me till all is done,
Will you let me love you too,
Will you show compassion,
In everything you do?

Will you lose your patience,
Will you yell and scream,
Will you simply give your love,
And live with me this dream?

Will you be there by my side,
Will you always be true,
I will be there loving you,
Forever and ever, will you?

You are my song

You are my song,
You are my heart,
Loving you is where I belong,
Together always, never to part.

You are the music inside of me,
It sounds like a great symphony,
Playing inside me over and over,
Telling the story of my lover.

You are the tempo beating so true,
Sharing ourselves, me and you,
A steady and constant beat,
Of two hearts that had to meet.

A musical journey from deep therein,
That's how I feel about you within,
A tune to listen to all day long,
That is what you are, you are my song.

As tears drifted from my eyes

As tears drifted from my eyes
I hear a tremble
And yet no cry..

The memories of you inside my head
Has pillowed my darkness and time of dread..
And just when I think my life is through,
I get a sense of hope
From the thought of you..

You are my girl
You are my dream
You are my hope
And now it seems
That being with you
Has showed me just how true
This notion I can't resist
That love truly exist

I hope this isnt just a fantasy
Because there could never ever be
Anything like you and me
And I promise to love you honestly
For you see,
Through and through,
If I know what love is,
It's because of you..


even in yer wildest dreams u can never feel it
its there, yet its not..
its holds you...
binds you..
never lets you go..
u cant help but feel crazy
feel weird..
feel... special.
it seems as if yer all alone
searching for something,
someone you've known
someone who's lost..
someone who needs you..
someone you need
but not for the sake of needing
but for something else...
something stronger..
something deeper..
something only time can tell
its that something that confuses us
changes us
scares us.
it seems as if yer all alone
reaching out for help
but to who?
even in the darkest places
there's still hope for light
it seems as if yer falling
falling deep
its up to you
whether you believe that
someone will catch you
someone will.
days go by
but they really dont
it seems like yer stuck
in that one moment
you dont want time to change
you dont want anything to change
you want to stay in that one moment
wishing you can
hoping you can
begging you can.
but then you say to yerself
"maybe, just maybe
i wanna see where time will take us
i wanna see.
i want to feel."
everything is surreal.
but in the end
you feel thankful…

[User Picture]From: peeachness
2008-11-27 01:54 am (UTC)
I havent written a poem in... six years. Sadly, nothing comes to me anymore... as you can see, I dont blog everyday anymore either...
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