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crayzEe Lips 629 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
crayzEe Lips 629

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2007|03:44 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629
If the warriors get to the semi-finals, which I hope they do, they're gonna be having a hard time against spurs or suns. then again, they did beat the no.1 seed mavs so anything's possible.
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2007|09:15 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629
We folded close to 6,000 Warriors playoffs pamphlets at work (due to the paper being too glossy and slippery for the folding machine) the night they went against the Blazers to be a play-off shoe-in. Since they won we made a few extra thousands the next day. I honestly haven't watched basketball with eyes wide open since the Jordan days and the Spurs years. But I decided to watch the game tonight, Warriors against Mavs. All I gotta say is wow. Baron Davis is pretty hard to describe. He reminds me of Jordan's play style. What I mean is that he gets fed the ball way too often but he doesn't waste it. Just when you doubt him, he shoots three 3points in a row. That's what I loved about the Jordan years- you want to doubt the player so that when he does something extraordinary, its amazing. Pff I cant really say I have a favorite team. I just like the playoffs games.
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2007|10:24 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629

It's stupid, really. I was watching CNN's "Paula Zahn Now" coverage on this and it really gets frustrating watching those type of news. She interviewed two asians. One was a Vietnamese writer, the other a Chinese student. She asked them if they were in danger of being mistaken for Korean, if there was shame in the killings for their heritage. And in my mind, all I was thinking was- since when did this become a racial issue? This is the worst thing about White American news. If it suddenly involves other ethnicity, be it the 9/11 "middle eastern" attacks, or this "Korean" killer, they always have to tag the criminal with their ethnicity background just to make them stand out. And it doesn't just label them but their whole ethnicity.

The student said "Oh well, yea. We were getting emails not to stay out late at night."

And Paula rambled on about Asians are now in danger. Expanding on the student's response.

I really liked the answer the writer gave. It was along the lines of "Well, asians are seen as a tight-knit community. We're still a minority so we're still expected to behave. And if one of us does something bad, it suddenly makes all of us bad, unfortunately. If this had been a white killer, ethnicity wouldn't be an issue at all."

Guess what Paula Zahn does? "Thank you for that honesty. We'll go to commercial."

It really begs the question- What was the point of asking a personal question like that if you'll just disrespect the answer? I think those type of questions are just traps. He'll either feed her what she wants to hear, that this is a racial issue or defend himself and his heritage which she will just brush off as an "honest" response, and in a way, taking its strength away.

They went on interviewing Korean students who were leaving VTech fearing there might be a backlash. This isn't a racial issue but the news is turning it into one.

Why should the whole Korean community apologize for the individual act of one person? Do white people apologize for other whites? It's absurd. What's worst is no one is standing up against these type of racism.

Why not focus on the crime instead of exaggerating it into something else.
33 people died and the media has a field day turning it into a racial mistrust.
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2007|11:03 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629
We're the king and queen of hearts
Hold me when the music starts
All my dreams come true
When I dance with you
Promise me you're mine tonight
I won't wait in line tonight
While the lights are low
I'll never let you go

Did I dream that we danced forever
In a wish that we made together
On a night that I prayed would never end?
No it's not my imagination
Or a part of the orchestration
Love was here at the coronation
I'm the King and
You're the Queen of Hearts
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ps2: part 2 [Apr. 15th, 2007|10:08 am]
crayzEe Lips 629
Bought a PS2 off ebay again. Came with 6 games- FF12, Dragon Quest 8, Xenosaga 1 and 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, Hitman Blood Money, 8MB Memory Card. All for $70. Excellent price for all those, you gotta admit. Got Resident Evil 4 and Rogue Galaxy as well, for cheap. Gaming addict. @_@

I haven't really had the time to play all because Final Fantasy 12 is a priority. But so far, I find the game really weird and refreshing at the same time. Weird because I'm not used to the battle system (Im playing it on Active). It reminds me of KOTOR. It's refreshing because we can finally move in combat! I like the AI and the fact that Square killed the loading battle screens. It is a bit against the tradition but it isn't a bad thing. The load times for this game amazes me as well. It doesn't look as smooth as Xbox games but the load times really puts a smile on an RPG-player's face.

5 out of 6 games that the system came with are RPGs. Plus I added Rogue Galaxy to that. If that doesn't quench the RPG thirst... what will?
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2007|02:51 am]
crayzEe Lips 629
Random thought: Turns out Wedge and Biggs are NOT originally from the Final Fantasy series. They were the last 2 X-wing pilots with Luke before he blew up the Death star in Star Wars Ep4. More useless info to come!
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Game to movie [Mar. 25th, 2007|02:45 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629
This is nice to look forward to- the following games will be turned into big budget flicks:
Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid, Prince of Persia, World of Warcraft.

Halo movie is cancelled. =(

Rainbow Six Vegas is worth being turned into a movie, so is God of War.

Games to look forward to:
Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Blue Dragon
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Two Worlds
Of course, Halo 3 and GTA4
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2007|01:22 am]
crayzEe Lips 629
300 was great! A-hoo!
After almost 2 years of not having a cell phone, I got a new one. Moto Q black.
Mp3s, videos, 2gb mini sd, really nice. its my own personal "iphone".

finally quit swensen's after getting a raise at my other job. suh-weet.
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change of addy [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:46 pm]
crayzEe Lips 629
Changing address is a hassle.
Ebay- Check
Paypal- check
Credit card- check
bank account- check
college- check
jobs- updated
blizzard- check
newegg- check

What am I missing here?
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an old poem [Jan. 25th, 2007|01:06 am]
crayzEe Lips 629
A poem ran from the end of my pen
Into my heart and out again;
Up to the sky, and down to the sea
And back on faltering wings to me.

Clear as an echo then, I heard
A sound---a yet unwritten word:
A lovely cadence,
Much like a silver flame,
A poem in itself: your very name.

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